Miguel Teurbe Tolón y de la Guardia. (Matanzas, 1820-1857)

He was born in Matanzas, in September 29th , 1820. Hge studied in a public schol at his hometown and with a group of private professors. He learned Latinity, Rethorics, Natual Sciences and Philosophy with them. Besides he studied English, Frendh and Italian. He collaborated in Aguinaldo Matancero and in La Aurora del Yumurí. In the latter he became Chief Editor.

He settled La Guirnalda, supressed by the Spanish Colonial Government. He was official interpreter of the Real Hacienda and profesror of history, Philosophy, English, Fencing and Rethorics. He explained Natural Philosophy in the Sociedad Filarmónica de Matanzas.

His theatre plays Un casorio and Una noticia were staged in Matanzas. In a cenacle of that city he made public his unpublished Curso de Literatura. He delivered classes of Literature in the Auxiliary School of the University of Havana.

In 1848 he was appointed Optative Member of the Liceo Artístico y Literario de La Habana. He collaborated with La Prensa, El Faro Industrial, Flores del Siglo, Diario de Avisos, La Floresta Cubana, La Piragua, Brisas de Cuba, El Duende. Because ofhis independentist ideas he was forced to emigrate to the United States in 1848.

He dedicated to teaching and became in charge of the Secretary of the Junta Cubana Anexionista in New York.

He worked in Narciso López expeditionary projects, and was Secretary of the Legation of the Republic of Costa Rica in Washington.

He published El Tiple Cubano and El Tiple Libre in New York; he was chief editor of La Verdad, (the National Coat of Arms of the Republic of Cuba was drafted by the poet in 1848 as a sketch for this newspaper), and directed El Cubano, El Papagayo and El Cometa; he was in charge of the Hispano American section of the Herald, of New York. The majority of his poems written in English were published in the Waverley Magazine, Boston, Mass.

The anthology El laúd del desterrado (1858) gathers some of his poetries. He translated from English the History of the United States by Emma Williard and The common sense, by Thomas Payne.

Being ill he returned to Cuba and died in November 16th, 1857.

He wrote under the pseudonyms of Lola, La Lola filibustera, Tello Rubio Montegú, Alfonso de Torquemada.